Siena Oberman

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Siena official joined Yale Productions in 2018, after serving as an Executive Producer on the company’s feature BURN.   As a producer, Siena is focused on telling dramatic and thrilling quality stories that are socially progressive, artistically innovative, and internationally unifying. She received the Leadership Scholarship from LMU, the Navin Narayan Humanitarian Scholarship, and the Volunteer of the Year Award from the American Red Cross for her dedication to using media for humanitarian storytelling during her time as a National Youth Council Media and Communications Specialist. Her first three shorts screened in Cannes and she has been written about as a producer to watch. Her education includes having studied Business and Cinema at USC, Film and TV Production at LMU, French Cinema in Paris (France), filmmaking with National Geographic (Australia), and the Producer’s training program at Cannes Film Festival (France). While in school she made her first three features and learned development, acquisitions, production, marketing, finance, representation, and international sales during internships at companies such as Plan B Entertainment, United Talent Agency, Management360, Paramount Pictures, Annapurna International/ Mad River, Route One Entertainment and IM Global. At USC she was the Futurist on the leadership board of the Cinematic Honors Fraternity (DKA) which includes alumni such as George Lucas, Alfred Hitchcock and Billy Wilder. At LMU she spent time as the founding President of DKA because it unified filmmakers with lifelong character, collaborative and creative storytelling, ethical and productive business practices, and philanthropic action.