Mandi joined Yale Productions in 2014 bringing with her a diverse background in the art of visual storytelling. The exciting and adventurous process of film production is something that fuels Mandi’s passion for this art, a world she has immersed herself in most of her life.

A UCF Alumn with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film, Mandi majored in Cinema Studies with a minor in Mass Communications. While attending school Mandi shared her enthusiasm and dedicated work ethic by assisting on various productions which embodied the team spirited nature of the film program at UCF.

Participating in several film festivals in the Orlando area, her short film No Dice placed Top 24 and was featured on PBS. She also took home the Best Director award for “Handbags and Sandwiches”. While at UCF, Mandi was a production assistant and sound technician for the cooking show The Simple Kitchen that was submitted for consideration to several major networks including The Food Network.

Originally joining the Yale team as an intern, Mandi parlayed her experience and skills into the production office. She found her niche as a production coordinator where she assists with project oversight from pre to post production. Her ability to quickly adapt and problem solve have made her an invaluable asset to the Yale Production and Entertainment team. Her production experience includes over 14 films, such as “King Cobra”, “After Everything”, “Separation” and “Hooking Up”. Mandi’s most recent credits include “Crypto” and “Burn”, where she was directly involved in coordination for stars like Kurt Russell, Josh Hutcherson, and Brittany Snow.